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Sidekicks 2021!

An early-learning martial arts program for Pre-primary age children

Sidekicks Karate is a special martial arts-based motor program designed for Pre-primary School children aged 3 to 5 years. The techniques of karate are simplified into fun drills that our students love. Lessons are highly structured. The pace of each class is also appropriate for pre-school aged children.


Everything taught in Sidekicks focuses on six core values:


  • Memory

  • Respect

  • Fitness

  • Good Manners

  • Confidence

  • Focus


Sidekicks students have the opportunity to grade regularly so that they can feel a sense of achievement. We find that spacing out our martial arts program with small, achievable goals helps to keep your child motivated and enthusiastic.

Unsu Kai Karate is a safe and valuable resource for parents. We run Sidekicks classes that develop children into confident, active and body-aware students; the perfect primer to transfer to full martial arts training.

Sidekicks classes are run by a qualified primary school teacher with a decade of experience teaching in the early years. Our classes offer the routine and consistency that many kids need right now. With school and community activities changing constantly, karate is the one constant they can have.

Sidekicks is now open for enrolments. Classes follow the school term, with each class capped at just 6 students to maximise student teacher interraction and personal attention. Register now to secure your child's spot.

Classes are $16 per class, charged on a term by term basis. Register now for a 4 week trial for just $59 and get a FREE Sidekicks uniform (School t-shirt, gi pants and white belt).


The trial is for one class per week and class days are not interchangeable without prior request.

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Class time


10:30am to 11:00am


1/152 New Street

Ringwood Vic 3134