Welcome 2021!

4 week Beginner Program - start today

Get your child active and build life skills!

The world is a challenging place for kids at the moment. Now more than ever before kids need to stay active and keep looking forward.

Karate is one of those golden activities that helps children in so many ways. It can help with:

•  Resilience
•  Self-defence
•  Physical fitness
•  Self-confidence
•  Mental focus and discipline
•  Developing co-ordination and motor-skills
•  Situational awareness and danger recognition
•  Building social networks & friendships outside school groups
•  But mostly, it’s just plain fun!

Our classes offer the routine and consistency that many kids need right now. With school and community activities changing constantly, karate is the one constant they can have.

During the entire lockdown period we never stopped classes and kept our students engaged, active and social. Online training stepped into the gap and we maintained a curriculum for keeping students busy. We even had online gradings!

If in the unfortunate circumstance we are required to close our doors again, we are experienced and ready to go with our alternative online training. No one will fall behind.

Keen to start the new year right? Regster now and train for 4 weeks for just $59 and your child get’s their own karate uniform included for free!

That’s a 55% discount, with no obligations or commitments. Genuine discount, this will be more next month!

Start now to put your child on the right track

Class times
Junior White Belt
(primary school age)

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday*

4:30pm to 5:10pm

(excluding holiday timetable)


1/152 New Street

Ringwood Vic 3134

* Please note; the first two weeks of term is the Holiday Timetable.  Junior Beginner classes will be 5:20pm to 6:00pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Standard full timetable will recommence 25th of January.