• Improve your child's fitness, discipline, focus and confidence.

  • Karate helps children develop in other sporting and academic pursuits.

  • The ideal sport for growing kids!


Unsu Kai Karate is ideal for children and provides classes just for kids. We have junior classes available for children as young as 5 years old. For younger children, please visit the Sidekicks section. 

In class, students will learn striking, blocking, kicking and grappling techniques. These techniques are taught based on the child's ability and experience. Classes are challenging and will make your kids burn off that extra energy. Karate teaches children to control aggression and behave with patience and greater focus.

Students begin as white belts and train and progress at their own pace. Children will feel a sense of achievement when they receive their first minor grade, or 'stripe' after two to three weeks. As time progresses and students improve, they will continue through the grades until they reach black belt and beyond. For more information on this please see the Grading section

The self defense that children learn includes social awareness. Topics and ideas regularly discussed are: being approached by strangers, being able to find help and identifying danger.

Bullying is also discussed and addressed and we teach children to deal with this appropriately, assertively and non violently.

Parents choose our classes because of the way they are conducted, and the results that we achieve. We provide some of the most structured, disciplined and challenging children's classes in the country. We find that children respond well to our methods, and you may see changes in your child's behavior at home. We have a high retention rate, which proves that children love training with us too.