• Unsu Kai Karate classes are always challenging, you'll work up a sweat!

  • Our conditioning will help you feel stronger, more confident and will equip you with the tools needed for effective self defence.

  • We will help to bring out your best!


Unsu Kai Karate is well suited for adults, teens and veteran practitioners. In class, students will learn striking, blocking, kicking and grappling techniques. These techniques are taught based on the students ability and experience. Classes are challenging and will make you work up a sweat. However, there is no pressure to perform above your limit. Students train and progress at their own pace.

Students begin as white belts. As time progresses and students improve, they will continue through the grades until they reach black belt and beyond. With regular training and dedication, it is possible to achieve black belt in 4 to 5 years.  Students are encouraged to work at their own pace. Every person is at a different level and will learn at a different rate.

We encourage adults to come down try our programs. Karate may be different to what you think, and Unsu Kai Karate is in a league of its own. Aside from health and fitness benefits, karate develops confidence, focus, discipline and is a great way to meet new people.